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Come talk to us and get a quote for a basic
Personal Medical Insurance Policy.
Don't wait till you have health problems and require
medications that you can't get coverage for.
109 Broadway Street; P.O. Box 69; Carnduff, SK.; S0C 0S0. Phone: 306-482-3638 Fax: 306-482-5299 1-888-482-3638 (Toll Free)
We understand the need for Personal Medical Insurance and can help you choose a Policy with coverages that are suitable to you.

As in all Insurance - coverages and options vary from Insurance Company to Insurance Company and from Policy to Policy. Thats why we partner with both Blue Cross and Group Medical Insurance.

Whether it's permanent coverage you require or coverage for a holiday - we will help you weed through the fine print so that you are confident with the Policy you choose.

The best time to put Personal Medical Insurance in place is when you are young and healthy. Many young people have Group Insurance Policies and therefore believe that they do not need Personal Medical Insurance. However, as we age and health problems begin, Personal Medical Insurance becomes more difficult to qualify for. Often times, we don't think about it until we are nearing retirement and realize that when our job goes - our Group Insurance goes as well.

Once you have a Policy in place it cannot be canceled by the Insurance Company, so you can be at ease knowing that you will always have Medical Insurance - no matter what health issues crop up.
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Medical Insurance
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